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Damp is pioneering in the
expanded bundle technique
that is deemed to be a solution to several power transportation problems power grids are actually facing.
The theory comes from a 1986 study of a Russian
engineer that has been
recently tested and proved in Brazil.
The theory states that a
transmission line with cables
at the commonly used distance can transport a certain amount of power, the same line with a higher cable spacing can transport at least 25% more power.

This also due to the reduction of the magnetic losses that are lower with expanded bundle.
The practical application is not this simple but the gain in power transmission has been proved over the last years in Brazilian applications.
The economical gain has been proven between 10 – 20% but can be as high as 50%, reaching even 90% for existing lines.

This considering the reduction in costs due to ambient economy, no expropriation costs no passage corridors problems whenever an old line is reconditioned. Damp has already supplied these equipment in consortium to Furnas-Brasil and is now interested in commercialising this new product/system.
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