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DAMP is a supplier of spacers, spacer dampers and vibration dampers for High and Extra High Voltage Over Head Power Transmission Lines. The Company is one of the most experienced and fully dedicated manufacturers of spacer dampers and vibration dampers with an experience of nearly 40 years by now. Over 4.5 millions DAMP spacer dampers for two, three, four, six and eight bundled conductors for any voltage up to 800 and 1000 kV are successfully in operation throughout the world.

Since its establishment in 1974, a carefully planned expansion program has created the prestigious international organisation that today includes several manufacturing licensees and many agents in the world.

Supported by a skilled team of engineers and advanced instrumentations DAMP has acquired in the course of the years considerable prestige particularly in the field of "conductor motions" and has earned a confirmed excellent reputation for the quality of its works both as a manufacturer and consultant.

DAMP is incorporated in MOSDORFER GmbH ?Austria www.mosdorfer.com, one of the leading Company in the field of transmission line hardware, and integrated in the KNILL Group www.knillgruppe.com, an International organization present in 16 countries world-wide, active in the field of infrastructure, supplying systems and application for energy and data transmission.

The partnership in the Group concurs to a significant development of the research and design division as well as to the optimization of the production capabilities which resulted in an improved quality and reliability of the products at more competitive levels.

DAMP damping systems are supported by latest fully experimented computer analyses able to simulate conductor and bundle behaviour under wind induced vibrations.
DAMP spacer damper systems have been and are continuously submitted to extensive laboratory and field tests with a wide evidence covering: RIV and Corona tests since 1974, Short circuit tests since 1978, Field tests since 1979.
Knille gruppe DAMP S.r.l. via Leonardo da Vinci 15 - 24060 Carobbio degli Angeli (Bergamo) Italy - Tel +39 035 959 390 Fax +39 035 953 964 P.I. IT02271900165 E-mail damp@damp.it